Our vision

Trusted to deliver the best for growers

At CSBP, we aspire to be reliable, delivering on our promises; and to be the best, by putting growers at the heart of everything we do. 

hands in paddock


Our shared values

Integrity - BLUE 114x114


We will act with honesty and truthfulness, treating people fairly and equally without bias or prejudice. We will act ethically in all dealings, respecting others and the law.

Collaboration - BLUE 114x114


We will be part of the team, seeking and sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. We will work with others for better outcomes, be inclusive by accepting and valuing the diversity of people in the workplace; and share success with others.

Customer Focus - BLUE 114x114

Customer focus

We will always seek and implement better ways to do things for our customers. We treat customers with respect and provide solutions to their problems; improving or adding to our internal processes, systems and products to offer more. We achieve customer satisfaction by striving for customer excellence.

Accountability - BLUE 114x114


We will take the initiative to solve problems, take ownership, deliver and lead by example. We do things safely, and we do things right. We embrace change to continue to provide a satisfactory return to shareholders.

Agronomic insights

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