We're for regional Western Australia and play an active role in supporting sustainable agricultural communities.

We strive to make a lasting impact on the communities in which we live and work through long-term partnerships, sponsorships, in-kind services, employee involvement, and voluntary donations.

We're focused on..


Wellness and safety

Aligned with Wellness at WesCEF project



Capability building, focusing on future talent pipeline, research and innovation partnerships



Women in Ag and STEM programs


Grass roots

Regional or local initiatives supporting sports, culture and education

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We support community groups and activities which align with our values and our commitment to making a positive social impact.

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What we're unable to support

  • Illegal or unethical events or activities under local laws and practices
  • Grant-making or funding bodies
  • Organisations that discriminate based on ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, impairment, or beliefs
  • Individuals
  • Travel expenses or accommodation for a team or group
  • Political organisations or campaigns
  • Religious events or activities
  • Gambling, tobacco, alcohol, or drug-related promotion
  • Organisations, events, or activities that may cause harm to the environment or to public health and safety
  • International events or activities

Our community partners

Agronomic insights

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