A collaboration between Pardoo Beef Corporation and CSBP Fertilisers has led to a ground-breaking nutrient response trial in North West WA.

Conducted on Pardoo Station; this pioneering trial uncovered optimal fertiliser use for profitable and sustainable fodder production in low-rainfall areas. 

“We’re finding out amazing things about optimal fertiliser use, productivity and profitability, as well as the long-term sustainability of using this method of farming in low-rainfall areas,” says Garan Peirce, CSBP District Manager and Agronomist. 

CSBP Nutrient Response Trial Facts
  • An NPK rate trial on tropical grasses to feed livestock in the North West of Western Australia
  • Each treatment replicated three times
  • A total of 51 plots, each 20 m long and 2.2 m wide
  • Consecutive cuts and subsequent fertiliser application to each plot over a 12 month period
  • 8.1t/ha of dry matter produced in just 28 days
  • Science-based data proving that fodder crops can be profitably and sustainably grown in just four weeks
  • Groundwater use is authorised and carefully managed 

Through plot plant and soil tests, CSBP have established over 5,000 data points and in relation to the yield data, this will underpin CSBP’ soil and plant testing model for tropical grasses.  This will enable current and future irrigators to utilise a factually based quality assured system for maintaining and improving productivity.

Following the trial, Pardoo and neighbouring irrigation projects have adopted the optimal fertiliser strategy which has significantly increased their production, profitability and therefore business sustainability.

CSBP is committed to advancing the understanding of sustainable nutrient management and supporting pasture growth in north Western Australia.

“We want to make sure that everyone is profitable and that they are growing their cattle as quickly as possible to get them to market,” says Craig Burton, CSBP Sales Manager.


For more information about the trial contact Garan Peirce at garan.peirce@csbp.com.au or Craig Burton at craig.burton@csbp.com.au

By CSBP Team
- CSBP Fertilisers

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