Pulse and Lupins

  • Fully compounded providing high levels of phosphorus and sulfur
  • Ideal for lighter soil types where pulse and lupins prosper
  • Big Phos Manganese supplies useful levels of manganese and trace elements
  • Can be blended with Alosca inoculants that aid in the plants natural fixation of nitrogen 
Products N P K S Ca Cu Zn Mo Mn Fe Mg B Bulk Density t/m3
Big Phos 3.5 13.5 7.5 14.0 1.10
Big Phos Manganese 7.6 11.3 10.0 5.2 5.04 1.04
Double Phos Premium 7.0 17.9 4.5 7.4 1.03

Typical Analysis (w/w%)


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