Managed nutrition service

For confidence in your nutrition decisions, choose CSBP Detect Plus. 

CSBP Detect Plus gives you the information you need, when you need it. We take care of sampling, analysis, and recommendation. You focus on growing.

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CSBP Detect Plus is a full-service program that leverages our unrivalled history and capability in science-based decision making to make crop nutrition simple.

CSBP samplers will manage your soil and plant sampling, real-time nitrogen scanning, and end-of-season grain audit. At every step, our Fertcare accredited advisors deliver data-based nutrition analysis and recommendations, leaving you to focus on growing. 

Plan, Build, Optimise and Review

Phase 1 - Plan

It starts with soil

Prepare for the season by understanding your paddock’s nutrient stocks with the power of NUlogic analysis. Optimise your fertiliser plan to meet your paddock and crop needs, ensuring you’re using the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time.

Phase 2 - Build

Plant analysis & recommendations with NUlogic

Identify nutrient status early and adjust your fertiliser program to address limitations that may impact productivity and the effectiveness of in-season nitrogen application

Phase 3 - Optimise

Real-time nitrogen recommendations with CSBP Detect

Get real-time nitrogen status and fertiliser recommendations with CSBP Detect. Optimise your grain quality, yield potential, and returns from in-season nitrogen applications

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Phase 4 - Review

Grain analysis and nutrient removal audit

Lastly a grain analysis and nutrient removal audit is completed to help you plan for next season.

This Limited Time Offer is now closed

This service is available to a limited number of CSBP customers, and is priced from $4.80/ha. 

Complete a registration of interest form online or speak to your local CSBP account manager to find out more. 

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Sampling, analysis and recommendation, managed for you

Only CSBP Detect Plus combines CSBP’s proven research, science, and technology to provide a zone-based picture of your crop’s nutritional needs:

Soil and plant sampling and analysis, with the power of NUlogic recommendations

Nitrogen recommendations in real-time with CSBP Detect

Season-end grain sampling, analysis and nutrient removal audit

CSBP Detect Plus is managed by the CSBP team, giving you confidence that the sampling, data, analysis, and recommendations will be delivered when you need them. 

Wheat in season crop

Data-driven decisions

It is more important than ever to have confidence in fertiliser decisions, manage risks, and make data-driven decisions for optimised returns.

For informed decision making on your crop nutrition program, CSBP’s recommendation tools work best together to: 
1. provide the complete picture of your crop's nutrition*, 
2. identify soil or plant limiting factors for achieving best yield and protein levels  
3. sustainably optimise your returns.

*wheat and barley

Limited Offer

Complete a registration of interest form online or speak to your local CSBP account manager to find out more about Detect Plus. 


Total farm sizePrice per hectare
500 - 1,000 ha$10.10
1,001 - 2,500 ha$6.80
2,501 - 4,500 ha$5.50
4,501 - 40,000 ha$4.80

*Minimum of 500ha

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