CSBP Detect nitrogen recommendations


A world-first spectroscopy and machine learning solution 

Following five years of local development and testing, CSBP is excited to introduce CSBP Detect – a unique combination of spectroscopy and machine learning to measure plant nitrogen status and provide nitrogen recommendations in real-time.

CSBP Detect was piloted during the 2020 and 2021 growing seasons, with grower feedback and season outcomes demonstrating its value in supporting decision-making. CSBP Detect is subject to global patent applications and is available exclusively to CSBP customers. 


Real-time nitrogen recommendations with CSBP Detect

  • Get real-time nitrogen status and fertiliser recommendations with CSBP Detect.
  • Developed on the back of decades of field research, CSBP Detect uses near-infrared spectroscopy and machine learning to deliver nitrogen recommendations tailored to WA conditions
  • Optimise your grain quality, yield potential, and returns from in-season nitrogen applications
  • Results and analysis delivered at regular intervals throughout the growing season so you can make fast and well-informed decisions.


Benefits of CSBP Detect Plus*

CSBP Detect benefits

 *CSBP's recommendation tools work best together to provide all of the above benefits.


Interested in CSBP Detect Plus? 

For informed decision making on your crop nutrition program, CSBP’s recommendation tools work best together to: 

  1. provide the complete picture of your crop's nutrition, 
  2. identify soil or plant limiting factors for achieving best yield and protein levels  
  3. sustainably optimise your returns.

Find out more about CSBP Detect Plus here: 

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What you'll receive with CSBP Detect Plus

You know that nitrogen is essential to achieving yield and protein in your crops, the question is how much?

CSBP Detect Plus provides growers with three real-time nitrogen status updates and fertiliser recommendations throughout the season. 

The insight provided in CSBP Detect reports gives growers the confidence to make an informed decision on how much nitrogen to apply. 

Detect Report Scenario 1 - Sufficient Nitrogen

Detect Report Scenario 1 - Sufficient Nitrogen

Detect Report Scenario 2 - Marginal Nitrogen

Detect Report Scenario 2 - Marginal Nitrogen

Detect 2021 customer feedback

"I’ve chosen to use the CSBP Detect scans to help fine-tune my nitrogen applications,
I have faith in the CSBP Detect scanning because of the effort CSBP has put into building a large database of sample points to build robust near infrared calibration models from.”

- Murray Hall (Detect Plus customer 2022) 


Real-time nitrogen recommendations 

Chat with your CSBP account manager to schedule your real time nitrogen scans with CSBP Detect.*


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*This service is exclusive to a limited number of CSBP customers. 

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