A new approach to managing your nitrogen 

Get real-time insight into whether to apply nitrogen fertiliser and at what rate, ahead of a rain event.

This growing season CSBP is piloting a new service called CSBP. Detect with a select number of broadacre customers.

By knowing the nitrogen status of your crop at each sample location, you can maximise your grain yield potential and quality for different rainfall scenarios.

Backed by decades of field research, this real-time nutrient detection service relies on spectroscopy and machine learning to deliver real-time nitrogen analysis to growers. The timely turnaround in results will help you make faster and more informed decisions throughout the season.


Upcoming features for the 2021 Season

  1. Know potential grain quality under different rainfall and nitrogen application scenarios
  2. Get nitrogen status and application recommendations by paddock zone
  3. Ability to calculate yield potential from your own local farm data


To learn more about CSBP. Detect, or to get involved in the 2020 pilot  

Contact your area manager

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