Grain analysis at harvest completes your crops’ performance evaluation. Identify nutrient deficiencies, measure nutrient removal, and review and analyse your fertiliser program as you plan for the next season.

Grain analysis can be used to:

  • Review this season’s fertiliser strategy in terms of nutrient deficiencies (for nitrogen, sulfur and trace elements), and 
  • Plan for next season by developing nutrient budgets (nutrient application rates balanced against crop removal rates) if yields are known. 

How to take grain samples

Grain sampling is easy. Collecting about 50 heads from a site is sufficient for analysis. These can be sent to the lab using the standard NUlogic plant testing kit.

Header grain samples or stored grain from silos can also be submitted for the purpose of calculating paddock based nutrient budgets and assessing retained seed for 2022. NUlogic has calibrated standards for wheat and lupins. 

Grain sampling now can help optimise returns on fertilisers next season. Find out more about grain sampling

Plan for the next season

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