You can only manage what you measure

Soil testing provides important information on which to base your fertiliser decisions.

    Regular soil sampling helps to eliminate costly production losses due to nutrient limitations or wastage. Testing over time and across many sites shows where nutrient imbalances exist and where fertiliser and soil ameliorants will be most cost-effective.


    Soil sampling to a depth of 30cm in 10cm increments provides the most accurate fertiliser recommendation, as it reveals the amount of plant-available macro-nutrients and where they present in the soil profile. 


    For the best results, we recommend that you sample every 30ha, to a depth of 30cm in 10cm increments, every 3 years.

    NUlogic Soil Analysis is a proven, cost-effective way to monitor soil health and nutrition and increase profits. 

    Our Fertcare accredited NUlogic Soil Analysis program uses over 45 years of trial data to analyse soil samples and provide comprehensive fertiliser recommendations.  

    Your recommendation takes into account environmental and economic factors and is tailored to the specific requirements of each management zone within a paddock. It provides you with the information you need to ensure you're using the right fertiliser, at the right rate, in the right place and at the right time.

    With NUlogic Soil Analysis you can:

    • Make more informed fertiliser decisions, reduce risks and increase farm profitability in the long-term
    • Identify the amount of, and location of plant-available macro-nutrients in the soil
    • Identify yield-limiting nutrients
    • Monitor soil health properties such as pH, EC and OC, which can affect nutrient availability to crops, limiting yield and profitability
    • Have a basis for variable rate application (VRT)
    • Make informed decisions about fertiliser rate, timing, placement and product
    • Improve your knowledge of the soil types within your farm to maximise management options
    • Maximise your in-season responsiveness

    Start sampling today

    1. Contact your account manager to create your customised nutritional plan

    2. Use DecipherAg to plan your sampling job and allocate the job to the sampler

    3. If collecting your own samples, watch our 'how to' video to make sure you're taking your samples correctly

    4. Send to the ASPAC accredited CSBP Lab

    5. Your NUlogic accredited advisor will provide you with your tailored fertiliser recommendation. 


    View the CSBP and Fertcare® guide for Accurate Soil Sampling

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