Reduce the risk of excess nutrient run-off by finding out what’s in your soil prior to fertilising.

Soil analysis provides you with actual soil nutrient levels and forms the basis of a correct fertiliser recommendation.

Our objective with soil and plant testing is to provide fertiliser and soil amendment recommendations, tailored to suit the individual requirements of each management zone within a paddock. Thereby not under-fertilising and not over-fertilising.

NUlogic soil analysis gives you an estimate of the nutrients available to plants and a comprehensive recommendation that takes into account environmental and economic factors. 

Benefits of NUlogic Soil Analysis

  • Leads to more informed fertiliser decisions, reducing risks and increasing farm profitability in the long-term
  • Reveals the amount of plant-available macro-nutrients in the soil and where soil nutrients are in the soil profile
  • Identifies nutrients that could be yield limiting
  • Monitors soil health properties such as pH, EC and OC, which affect nutrient availability to crops which in turn affects yield and profitability
  • Provides a basis for variable rate application (VRT)
  • Supports decisions about fertiliser rate, timing, placement and product
  • Improves knowledge of the soil types within your farm to maximise management options
  • Maximises your in-season responsiveness

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